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Toothpaste Tablets

Made with Nano-Hydroxyapatite

  • Naturally whitening, minty fresh, strengthens enamel, and made with clean ingredients

  • 100% plastic-free — help keep our oceans clean by ditching toothpaste tubes filled with toxic ingredients

    Made with Nano-Hydroxyapatite

    A non-toxic flouride alternative

    Case Color: Wave
    • Travel Size (62 Tabs / 1 Tin)
    • 1-Person (248 Tabs / 1 Tin)
    • 2-Persons (496 Tabs / 2 Tins)
      2-Persons (496 Tabs / 2 Tins)
    • 4-Persons (992 Tabs / 4 Tins)
      4-Persons (992 Tabs / 4 Tins)
    Toothpaste Tablets


    easy peasy

    no squeezy

    How to Use

    Pop tab into mouth and chew it up

    Wet toothbrush and brush, baby brush

    Smile, scrub, rinse, and repeat. Twice a day, everyday!

    Clean, Safe Ingredients


    A non-toxic fluoride alternative that keeps teeth safe from decay

    Benefits:Restores and strengthens enamel

    Coconut oil

    A natural moisturizer that keeps gums healthy and happy

    Benefits:Soothes mouth and gums

    Peppermint oil

    A farm-to-mouth ingredient hand-picked for its refreshing smells

    Benefits:Freshens breath and repels bacteria

    Aloe vera

    A naturally soothing ingredient that calms sensitive gums

    Benefits:Reduces sensitivity

    Tea tree oil

    A lovable ingredient that's anti-bacteria and pro- fresh breath

    Benefits:Repels bacteria and fungus


    A natural sweetener that wards off unwelcome bacteria

    Benefits:Repels bacteria

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    Meet our team of experts

    We have some bright brains behind our brand including chemists, dentists and researchers who help with product innovations + sustainability efforts.

    Tommi Hutchins

    Ex Tom’s of Maine

    Served as a Senior Formulation Scientist for nearly six years at Tom's of Maine.

    State University

    Dr. Ben Amaechi

    BDS · MSC · PHD
    MFDSRCPS (Glasg) · FADI

    The leading researcher of N-HA for caries management.

    University of Texas
    Health San Antonio

    Dr. Donna Hackley

    DMD · MA

    Specializes in dental health, public health, social equity, and sustainability.

    Harvard School of
    Dental Medicine


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