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Taking care of toothpastes tablets – in the bathroom, while traveling and more
By: Stephanie Osmanski Read Time: 5 Min Read Date: October 04, 2020
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Toothpaste is way overrated! The conventional stuff is toxic and terrible for the environment, which is why it’s time to make the switch to a sustainable toothpaste alternative. Huppy Tooth Tabs are a chewable tooth tablet made of natural, nontoxic ingredients that become a paste when you add water. Huppy Tooth Tabs are sustainable toothpaste alternative as these toothpaste tabs are kind of like a toothpaste pill or a mint. You simply chew it up, add water, and brush. At the end, you’re left with virtually no waste, so it’s good for you and the environment.


But before you transform your toothbrushing routine into a more sustainable one with Huppy, there are a few things we want you to know about taking care of your Huppy Tooth Tabs. 


With Huppy, you will never find plastic tubes, plastic packaging of any kind, or toxic and artificial ingredients. While that’s a) amazing for your health and b) amazing for Mother Earth, it does come with special instructions for care.


Here’s everything you need to know about appropriately caring for your Huppy Tooth Tabs.


Where should I store Huppy toothpaste tablets?

Store them in a cabinet, a drawer, display them on the counter! We’re not in the business of designing your space.


However, we will totally make a few recommendations. First of all, store your toothpaste tablets in the bathroom. It just makes the most sense. ;)


Second, wherever you choose to store or display your Huppy toothpaste tablets, make sure it’s a dry place that isn’t too hot. Huppy toothpaste tablets do best in a dry area away from water. For this reason, we totally understand if you don’t want to store your tablets on the bathroom counter. After all, we all know sink-adjacent is a major splash zone!


Aside from avoiding water damage – because yes, water will cause your Huppy toothpaste tablets to melt, toothpaste tablets should also be stored away from heat. For this reason, you may want to avoid setting the toothpaste tablets in direct sunlight (such as on a windowsill or too near a window) or in those winter months, near a heater.


When you purchase Huppy sustainable tooth tabs, you will receive a refillable case and a refill pouch. Open the pouch, refill the case, then compost the pouch. For toothpaste tablets in a refillable case, we recommend storing them in a drawer next to your sink.


TLDR; Store your Huppy toothpaste tablets in a dry place away from air and heat.


How should I store Huppy toothpaste tablets?

Huppy toothpaste tablets should be stored in a container with the lid closed when they are not in use. Storing them with the lid closed will prevent them from the elements – like water and heat that can cause them to melt.


Which brings us to… the various Huppy containers. When you purchase Hubby toothpaste tablets, your 62 toothpaste tabs will come with either a refillable container made from aluminum or a sustainable refill pouch. Both of these containers are A++ for the environment.


The refillable container is made from aluminum, widely known as the most recyclable material on the planet. Unlike nasty plastic – which lasts literally forever, ugh – aluminum can biodegrade in less than 100 years. Aluminum can also be recycled infinitely, meaning it can be melted down again and again to reuse it and make it into something else. In fact, 75 percent of all aluminum ever made is still in use thanks to its recyclability. 


Oh, and don’t rule out our refill pouches either. These are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. And not just the “certified compostable in a facility” compostable – like, the real kind. As in, if you have a backyard compost you can rip it up, throw it in there, and you will have soil in a jiffy. These refill pouches are made from wood cellulose and contain absolutely no traces of plastic. So, go ahead and throw them in your backyard compost! The worms will thank you.


What temperature should I store my Huppy toothpaste tablets?

Huppy tablets are happy little toothpaste tablets (hence our logo!) but if they get hot, they become very sad. ☹ To ensure your Huppy toothpaste tablets last long, try to keep them in a temperature that is below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 


How long can Huppy toothpaste tablets stay in storage?

Toothpaste tablets are vulnerable to air, heat, and moisture, but as long as you store them the proper way, unopened tabs will last as long as one year.


Can I buy Huppy toothpaste tablets and store them in bulk?

Sure! You can buy Huppy toothpaste tablets in bulk if that’s what floats your boat. After all, as long as unopened refill pouches are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place where they won’t come in touch with water, air, or heat, they should last for up to a year.

Or you can purchase refills as you go. Starting in August, Huppy will be selling refill tabs that you can add to your refillable case. So, instead of buying in bulk, you can refill your refillable container as needed.


How to store Huppy toothpaste tabs during travel

Listen, we’re totally biased but one of the reasons we love Huppy toothpaste tabs most is because of their flexibility. No, don’t try breaking the tablet in half; we don’t mean bendy. What we mean by flexibility is that they are totally portable.


Throw a week’s worth of Huppy toothpaste tabs in a refill pouch and get to the airport! Huppy toothpaste tabs will never cause you to miss your flight. There’s no water and no gel involved, so you’ll fly through customs with absolutely no TSA hold up. #YoureWelcome!


Of course, the same storage rules apply when traveling with your toothpaste tabs. Make sure they don’t come in contact with anything wet and that they don’t get too hot. You may want to store them in a separate compartment of your bag or in a waterproof part of your luggage to ensure if a liquid should spill, the tablets will not be affected.


The takeaway

Huppy toothpaste tabs require a little extra TLC to make sure that they can last long and work well. Always make sure to store your Huppy toothpaste tabs in a dry place away from heat. You’ll want to avoid getting them wet (unless you’re actively brushing with them!) or placing them in direct sunlight. Huppy toothpaste tablets can be stored in aluminum refillable container or in the compostable refill pouch made from wood cellulose. The aluminum container is recyclable and the refill pouch will biodegrade in your backyard compost. Stop reaching for conventional toothpaste with toxic ingredients and plastic tubes and reach for Huppy – the best sustainable toothpaste out there!

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