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What to do with Huppy’s compostable mailer boxes & other eco-friendly packaging materials
By: Stephanie Osmanski Read Time: 6 Min Read Date: October 03, 2020
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There are a ton of happy and healthy reasons why we think you should pick Huppy Tooth Tablets. (OK, we know – we’re biased, but still. They’re good for your health, good for the environment, and TBH, it’s more fun to chew a tooth tablet than it is to make a mess with the traditional stuff.) But one of the main reasons is our policy (and personal ethics!) when it comes to sustainability.


Now, you may be rolling your eyes at the word “sustainability” and if you are, we don’t blame you. In the past year or so, it’s become an overused (and more importantly, misused buzz word!) to describe any product that is even remotely environmentally friendly. (Be on the lookout for greenwashing, too!)


But at Huppy, when we say sustainability, we mean it. Our tooth tabs in and of themselves are a more sustainable alternative to the plastic toothpaste tubes and harsh-on-the-environment chemicals that come with conventional oral care. 


It’s not like we’re keeping score or anything but, *ahem,* one point for Huppy.


That said, we also took extra care in developing our packaging as well. A sustainable product is only as good as its packaging, right? It would make no sense to put out an eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste, then package it in non-recyclable plastic, fluff it with bubble wrap, and hope that maybe one percent of people will *maybe* think to recycle the cardboard.


We knew from the start we wanted to make a product that would not harm the environment – and with that, comes making sure all the packaging the product comes in is good for the environment, too.


So, is Huppy’s packaging recyclable or compostable or both? And when you’re finished with the packaging, whaaat are you supposed to do with it?


Keep reading for answers to 4 common questions about Huppy’s packaging as well as instructions on what to do with the packaging when you’re done with it.



Is Huppy’s packaging recyclable and compostable?

We could talk about sustainability all day long, so truly, we’re glad you asked. Our mailer boxes are completely compostable, which is something we’re really proud of. Especially because even though the technology to make this happen exists and is available, so many other companies aren’t doing the right thing by the environment.


From the box and the packaging paper your Huppy Tooth Tabs arrive in, to the shipping label – yes, even the shipping label can break down on its own! – our packaging is 100 percent compostable. 


The refillable container is the only product Huppy makes that is not compostable and that is because it is designed to be a reusable container for long-term use.


Our mailer boxes are made from SFI-certified corrugated cardboard. This is significant because corrugated cardboard is a renewable resource. So, what’s corrugated cardboard? Corrugated cardboard is a kind of heavy paper-pulp consisting of three layers of paper: inside and outside layers, and a ruffle-shaped fluting. 


According to Corrugated.org, 96 percent of corrugated boxes are made from material supplied by certified fiber sourcing programs, so you know the material is sourced from makers who care about sustainable forestry.


It’s better for the environment because it is renewable and sustainably sourced. It can also break down and doesn’t need to be recycled. However, if you prefer to recycle it, you can do that, too.


You may be wondering: What about the inks? Well, did you really think we wouldn’t go all-in with the whole “sustainable packaging” thing?! You think we’d ignore the inks?! The inks used on every corrugated cardboard mailer box are water-based, which is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to inks made with plastic or PVC. Yep, some ink is made from plastic!


Cough, cough! Two points for Huppy. Actually, let’s make that three – a second point for the mailer and a third point for the water-based ink!



Is the refillable container made from recyclable packaging?

The first time you order Huppy Tooth Tabs, you will receive a refillable container. We provide this refillable container to reduce waste that would just pile up in the landfill (where it would never biodegrade). That’s where the refillable container comes in. Made of aluminum, which is the most recyclable material in the world, the refillable container is meant to act as a reusable container to hold your Huppy Tooth Tabs in the long run. When and if you no longer need or want your Huppy refillable container (boo! why not!?), it can be responsibly recycled.


Like glass, aluminum can be recycled infinitely. This means that the actual material of aluminum can be recycled again and again and again, remade into new items each time with no finite end in sight. You can keep reusing already-made aluminum, rather than making new aluminum. Aside from its immense recyclability, we also chose aluminum because it biodegrades in less than 100 years, unlike some other materials like plastic or even glass.


That’s another point for Huppy. (It’s starting to feel like Hogwarts ‘round here!)



Are the refill pouches made of compostable packaging?

Not going to lie, this is one of the aspects of Huppy that we are most excited about. Yes, the refill pouches that come with your Huppy Tooth Tabs are indeed compostable. But not just any kind of compostable, because believe it or not, there is a difference in composability. (Some products labeled “compostable” will only biodegrade in the “right” environment, like a composting facility). 


We didn’t want you to have to find or pay for a composting facility if you didn’t need or want to, so we made it as easy as possible. Our refill pouches are made from wood cellulose, rendering them 100 percent backyard compostable. No need to send it away to a facility for a desired environment; these babies will biodegrade right in your at-home, backyard compost, easy-peasy. The pouches contain absolutely no traces of plastic, even once fully broken down.


TBH, we lost count of how many points we have at this point… But we’re definitely winning.



What to do with Huppy’s mailer boxes and packaging

So, you put your Huppy Tooth Tabs in the refillable container. Now what? What are you supposed to do with the mailer box and the refill pouch? Follow these steps.


Question #1: Do you have access to a backyard compost? If you do, the answer is as simple as that. Rip or shred the mailer box into the smallest pieces you can, adding it to your compost pile. Do the same for the compostable refill pouch. Both are able to break down in at-home compost environments. 


If you don’t have your own backyard compost, you might still have access to someone else’s. For example, maybe your friend or neighbor has one, or maybe you have access to a community garden that uses a compost. Some municipalities also offer access to composting facilities for free, as well as pick-up or drop-off. If you’re not sure about which composting options are available to you in your area, you can use the website Find a Composter to find a local composting option near you.


Question #2: Do you want to start an at-home compost? Just because you answered “no,” to Question #1 doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Hey, who knows?! Maybe Huppy is the reason you kick it into (sustainable) gear and start your own compost. All a compost really needs is fruit and veggie scraps, calcium from eggshells, leaves, the occasional presence of cardboard, and some TLC. The worms should come naturally! Make sure to turn your compost over every once in a while, to evenly redistribute the compost’s moisture throughout.


Question #3: Does your neighborhood have a recycling program? If yes, move onto Question #4: Does your recycling program accept cardboard? Since most recycling programs do except cardboard, recycling the corrugated cardboard mailer could be an option for you. Especially if you do not have access to an at-home compost or any other composting facility.


The takeaway

We know what we’re doing when it comes to making safe, plastic-free, and environmentally friendly tooth tabs; we also know what we’re doing when it comes to including sustainable packaging. There would be no sense in creating a plastic-free toothpaste alternative and then wrapping it in bubble wrap, so we went above and beyond to make sure that anyone – even someone without their own at-home compost – could get rid of our packaging in an easy and sustainable way that wouldn’t hurt the planet.

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